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Default Re: Photo Shoot at Park

I will try to explain. I've just started using it too so I am far from being an expert.
In your photo library, double click on the image that u want to work on.
In the table on the left where you do the editing there is a tab labeled "effects." Click it.
Under effects in the bottom row, 2nd from right there is a icon labeled, "focal black and white." Click this and there will be a color circle w/ pointer on the pic.
Move it around until u have it where u want it. Use the size/saturation to play around until u get it the way u want it.

Hope that helps.
Thank you for the comments. I always get nervous sharing things for the first time and appreciate it!

Originally Posted by lovedove View Post
Those are great, you did a really good job!!

Can you tell me how to edit them like that on Picasa? I've looked at the site but have no idea how to do that!
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