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Default Re: HG single prong clips

Originally Posted by Xtralinda View Post
I bought some single prong clips from HG. I usually buy them from a beauty supply store but I needed to order some stuff from HG, so I thought of trying them. Well... I hate them, some are bended, another ones when you open them doesn't feel right, other ones after using them to hold the templates it won't close completely again. I was trying the special tape on them and it's not holding at all.
Needles to say, I'm very dissapointed.
Is anyone else having the same problem?
Sorry about it. The design of Hip Girl brand single prong alligator clips is slightly different from Sally's clips. The quality is good though. Sorry you might got a bad batch or damaged on it's way. Please return the clips to us via USPS first class mail. We'll refund your payment, extra shipping cost if applicable and your return shipping cost.


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