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Default Re: Glitter Flip Flops and Military Hats

Originally Posted by mortin72 View Post
Hello Everyone!

I was at the Mall of America this past weekend and was looking at spring clothes for my daughter. I LOVED the glitter flip flops that the Gap had. I went to two different Gaps and they didn't have her size

Does anyone know how to add glitter to the straps of flip flops so I can just do it myself at home? I want all colors so it may be more price affective for me to do it at home

Also - I am doing a bow party at the end of the month and another show at the beginning of next month. I've had requests for military hats - but I don't know where to get them for a good price. Can anyone help? I am always a day late and a dollar short for the group buys on here Story of my life ..........

Any help with the flip flops or the hats would be great!! Thanks!
I haven't tried doing the straps yet for the flip flops...but you can try using a thin layer of fabric glue, then sprinkle some glitter on top of the fabric glue.
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