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Default Re: which bows do you starch and bake?

sta-flo starch is the best. i bake mine then pull them out and starch them and then put them back in for a few minutes. when i starch mine i get a pretty good coat on them but have noticed if you are working with thinnner less stiff ribbon like ub if you put too much on the weight of it sort of tends to weight the loops down and they arent as round. if after that first coat of starch they arent quite as stiff as you'd like you can spray them again. sorry so long

Originally Posted by Ashley View Post
Do you guys spray the whole thing all over? If so how wet do you make it? I know you do it before you add the glue and clip and all that so the glue doesn't melt. What type of starch also? I have some light body starch but I don't think it works well
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