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Default Re: My 1st Nikon DSLR photoshoot of Kayley

Originally Posted by luvvbows View Post
She is just beautiful as usual! All the pics are fabulous!
As for what I like the best, I am not the best person to ask since I had the hardest time narrowing down what pics to put on my website from what you had sent me...BUT, I think the photo with her arms outstretched each way is my fave.
Oh, and tell Kayley she is now on my big banner that I hang up at shows, and that I get so many compliments about her!

OMG! I would LOOOOOOOOOOVVVEEEEE to see that banner, take a pic if you can, I would love to show my mom....she mentioned that before if I ever sell my things to out her on my banner.

That is so wonderful...

I have a better camera now so if you have new items, she would love to do them for you, we both had so much fun with your products.

I bet that banner is so cute!
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