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Default Anyone need bow cards? Look at what I had made!

Ok ladies, I'm so excited. I just got my postcards back from vistaprint and I'm in love. For those of you that don't know, I am changing my name to "Dimples 'N Daisies". Website is (It's still in progress) I haven't officially made the change yet but this is a preview of a work in progress.

This is the card without a headband (sorry for bad quality):
This is the card with a headband on it:

Now, I have never had postcards printed before or made headbands for all that matters. In retrospect I shouldn't of put "please supervise small children". I should of put my website right there. These will do for now though. If anyone needs ANY design work done at all my friend Katie did this for me. Several ladies on here have used her before. She did my cards for me, she's done a ton of work for several friends of mine and she's done these two websites as well: and She is a stay at home mom and can always use the work. She is VERY reasonable. If you have a website now but don't have matching business cards etc, she often can match it. Look at my website and look at my card. They are very similiar in style! Her email is : [email protected] and her name is Katie. Please tell her Cristi sent you. She doesn't give me anything for it, I just like her to know that I love her work enough to recommend her to others!
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