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Default Re: Gotta New Toy..

Originally Posted by mama-j View Post
How much? I hate cutting circles for my fabric flower.
It doesn't cut circles, only straight strips

Originally Posted by Jazzie Styles View Post
Normally they won't let you use those coupons on stuff like that.
These don't fall into that "elite" group of no no's that you can't buy with coupons.

When those first came out, I had asked someone to show me where they were and the lady that helped me (she's been there for years and sews a lot) told me that they were pretty much both a waste of money. The strip cutter: if the fabric is not already cut PERECTLY straight, you will not get straight strips. And for the life of me, I can't remember what she said about the Bias Tape Maker, but I ended up not buying either. I believe they are supposed to come out with more tips for the Bias Tape maker.

Please keep us updated ... I'm curious now. If it cut wider strips like 5", I probably would reconsider it.
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