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Default Re: Tutus flowers and ribbon

Originally Posted by TutuFrilly View Post
I make tutus also. If I add a flower to the front, I put mine on alligator clips so that they can also interchange them with headbands, hats, etc. As far as the bow goes, I just tie the bow on the front, this way it's removable if they want to ever change the look of it. I do satin wrap waistbands if's kinda a pain in my opinion. But I use 1 1/2 satin ribbon and basically weave it around each knot (making sure you leave tails long enough to tie a bow if desired). Maybe this helps? You can check out my website for photos if you like. I know I have a close up photo of the satin wrapped waist if you want to see it. Have fun

I looked at you site...very cute tutus by the when you add the bow do you just loop it under a couple of the knots to hold it in place?
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