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Originally Posted by ronda View Post
That's what has happened to me. Actually, not the whole pinch came undone, but the underneath part. I like lining clips using the fabritac b/c it makes the top part smooth and nice and it stays b/c I push it to the edge & the ribbon is bonded on the edge. My solution is to do everything but the underneath bit w/ fabritac & then use hot glue for that one bit. I was thinking of trying the magnatac, too.

I LOVE fabritac for woven headbands. I do this little foldy thing at the end that makes it so there are no cut edges showing. I can get the fabritac in there and hold it for a minute or two and it's good to go. I tried it with hot glue and burnt my poor fingers.
Great Idea with the glue...I'd love to see what you do at the ends of the headbands...could you post or send pictures? I tried to heatseal the ends...but have a VERY hard time getting it to look nice! Thanks so much!
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