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Default Re: Tutus flowers and ribbon

Originally Posted by bowsbymidge View Post
Ok so I have gotten into making the tutus. They are so much fun. I would like to add the satin ribbon and flowers like I see on so many. Can anyone give me any direction on the best way to add these things to them. Is the flower removable or glued...Also if you have any links to wrapping with satin ribbon. I wasn't sure if the ones I have see with the big bow tied was wrapped with ribbon or if the tulle is tied to the ribbon. Please help...I used to have the directions from AngelBabes tutus, but I have lost them and cannot find them
I make tutus also. If I add a flower to the front, I put mine on alligator clips so that they can also interchange them with headbands, hats, etc. As far as the bow goes, I just tie the bow on the front, this way it's removable if they want to ever change the look of it. I do satin wrap waistbands if's kinda a pain in my opinion. But I use 1 1/2 satin ribbon and basically weave it around each knot (making sure you leave tails long enough to tie a bow if desired). Maybe this helps? You can check out my website for photos if you like. I know I have a close up photo of the satin wrapped waist if you want to see it. Have fun!

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