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Default Re: My 1st Nikon DSLR photoshoot of Kayley

Awesome I have the exact same camera I bought it for myself for XMAS I also purchased the upgraded lense with image stabilization, I love it. Photography is new to me but this camera makes it so easy.
Originally Posted by Kayleysmom View Post
It is just the basic D3000,
for the extra lens and camera, it was only close to 900, with taxes and 2 year plan.

Next year alot of the taxes should be going to a D90 and its lenses or if a newer model comes out...I wanted to get familiar with this first, but my fujifilm had all of the manual settings like this one, so it was waaaaaaaay easier than expected.

Brian is buying a Canon 50d next month, lol.

Maybe you 50d owners can brush me up a bit so I will know more about it than he will! LOL

He says that he wants a different model so we can both check them out to see which one we like the best.....and he wants a different brand than mine, lol.
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