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Default Re: Finally orderd the TNT templates

Originally Posted by binkypinkboutique View Post
I love them so far!! The only down side is that I am finding that I have to sew the centers instead of just tying them like I have always done! However, I guess it's worth it since I am now have the skills to make more styles of bows!!

I have great news for you. You can tie your bows with the templates. I have the NBNG/TNT templates and tie my bows. I use the Gator Bite with my templates and it allows me to tie them. You just clamp your Gator Bite onto the template being sure to pinch down on the tip of your Gator Bite so that it catches all the ribbon in its teeth, then slide the ribbon off of the template. Once you get your bow off the template and onto the Gator Bite you can tie your bow on the Gator Bite. Here is the link to the Gator Bite: The only down side is that you have to spend more money. But, it's totally worth it.
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