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Default Re: How Do You Make This Headband?

Originally Posted by leilei1202 View Post
I am very new to bow making and I've seen lots of people talk about foe headbands... What are foe headbands? Also, where do you get your flowers and do you have to take them apart and glue the layers together like you do with Gerber daisies? Thanks so much for your help!
Foe stands for FOLD OVER ELASTIC. It's sometimes used in making cloth diapers and such but we use it for headbands. It is VERY soft and stretchy and looks really cute on all ages. You can add a loop to it to attach a bow or flower clip or you can add small flowers, or appliques. I usually make a bow with the foe and/or ribbon and add that. I have examples of my headbands on my post called "foe bow headbands".
The foe is nice because it doesn't leave a mark on the baby's head like some headbands can. It can come in shiny, matte, or even with some glitter in it. It comes in prints, solids and stripes. Solids and stripes cost more than solid colors.
HTH (Hope this helps)
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