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Default Please help me line a clip

Ladies I know this is a stupid question but I am new to the headband/bow world. I have read many posts that ladies prefer to partially line the alligator clip. What exactly does this mean? I have been lining every part of the clip. I start at the bottom inside, move to the back, push it in at the ends, up over the top and then under the top inside. THE WHOLE SHEBANG lol. What part am I not supposed to cover when partially lining the clip. I do agree that I don't like how the clip is hard to get in the hair with the whole thing lined in ribbon. I also am using the shelp liner stuff for the non slip grip. Do I put that on the top and bottom inside of the clip or just the top? I'm so confused lol. Also, what glue is the best? I do not like the double sided tape at all.

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