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Default Re: What do big girls want?

Originally Posted by karina721 View Post
The longer the better, the one in the picture is a 19", I think. I bought a bunch on ebay from China. I like the ones that have a different color metal zipper part so you can see the zipper feature. When I pull it apart, you'll have two pieces so you can make two flowers from it. If you get a shorter zipper, you'll have to use both sides to make one flower to get the fullness. I've seen girls wear rings made from this too. When I went to a trade show late last year, they were selling necklaces made from zippers for big $$$$$.

I don't have any instructions, for my first one, I just bought a jacket from the thrift store for dirt cheap (I think $0.90) and yanked out the zipper and then took my glue gun and went to town. I'm sure you can sew it too but I just played until it came out right. Hope that helps you out some. I just did it by trial and error until I got the look that I liked.
Just wanted to add that I was in Walmart yesterday and saw those zipper flowers on a pair of shoes, like black ballet flats! I almost bought them but they didn't have my size. I think you could make the zipper flowers and glue them to those metal shoe clips then add them to shoes!
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