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Default Re: Replacement for fray check???

Originally Posted by britt1234 View Post
When you cut your korkers, do you use the ruler to make them straight or do you just have a steady hand?
I use a woodburner to cut korkers also and don't use a ruler either. I don't think I have a particularly steady hand, but I can manage to cut straight for for 3/8" or 1/4" pretty well. Plus, since the ribbon is curled, the cut at the end isn't all that noticable. If I do make a crooked cut and feel that it is not pretty enough, I'll move an eighth of an inch in from the end and try again.

However, I am too afraid of being burned to do it with just my fingers spreading apart the curled ribbon. I use a pair of tweezers to hold the ribbon down on my cutting surface (in my case, an old baking sheet) and open up the curl, then cut through the center (open part) of the tweezers. I hope that makes sense. You could also use small kitchen tongs, or pinch open an alligator clip and hold it down (although you have to keep pinching the clip or it will close - which is why I use tweezers, they stay open ). Try it!

When I first got the woodburner, I used to cut my korkers with scissors and lightly "brush" the ends with the woodburner to seal. It works but it's a lot more time consuming, I recommend cutting & sealing in one step. But, you could try that until you are more comfortable working with the tool and then you'll be really ready to move on to cutting with it.

Hope that helps.

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