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Default Re: Anyone know how to do this?????

I made some of these roses/flowers at christmas. Both the smooth and the raggy types. Cut fabric edge for these and for the raggy rip the fabric. The key to these is the iron and the wrapping. You need about 18-24 inches of fabric about 1/,-1 or 1 1/2 inch wide. It depends on big you want them. Fold it in half lenghtwise and iron. You need a strip of flexible cardboard or chipboard material about 12-14 inches long, cereal box or mail packaging cardboard works fine. Wrap the fabric around the cardboard at a diagonal and iron again. Once cool slide the cardboard out of the fabric. Then wrap your rose the normal way and attach fabric or felt to the bottom. I sew through the layers and glue to the material after I have stitched. Once wrapped iron again on the top of the flower and your done.
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