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Default Re: A Good Laugh for Mommies

OMG this is soooo hilarious!!!!!!!
Teacher tales I was a teacher for almost 17 years and would all be very much carefull if i told you all the misunderstud stories I heard on all those years and explanations some moms had to give me. ROFLMAO

Imagine this...on my first week on a real teaching job we were working on different kind of families so at the end of the day I said to the kids you`ve all been so nice now you have free choice so they all started going around the room looking for what they wanted to play.
there was this group of maybe 6 kids wanting to play family at the little house and these two 5 year old girls start argueing whom would be the mom and then one says ok no problem you can be the mom and I`ll be the lover...I think it is ok..... if in my family my dad has a lover then this family can have one too!!!!!!!!

needless to say I opened the classroom door and stayed outside for almost 10 min watching them by the little window on the door my legs where shaking only thinking what if they come and ask...who that member of the family is and why didn`t I mentioned before
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