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Default Re: Reviews for anyone with a Brother Embroidery Machine?

I have the Brother SE-350. I bought it from Wal-Mart in May 2009. I paid $350. It has been in the shop TWICE at $85 a pop in less than a year. The machines made for big-box stores are not meant to hold up like the higher priced machines you buy at a sewing machine store!

As stated previously, to embroider designs other than what comes with the machine you have to either buy pre-loaded cards (at $60+ a pop) or you need the PED Basic (at $129.00) to transfer designs from your computer to the machine. Prices for designs you download range from free to $20+. The Disney 270D machine works the same way.

My next machine will be purchased from a sewing machine store. Even if I have to buy a trade-in, it will be worth it to get a better model.
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