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Default Re: Urgh! My bows keep coming off the clip!

I only use hot glue to adhere the bows either to the metal clip or to a lined clip. I don't have problems with the ribbon pulling away from the clips and I've been doing this for yearssssss. I don't like the other methods because some take to long and some seem to troublesome. I don't use lots of glue and I hold it for a few seconds to let it cool just a little bit. I hold hold the ribbon to the barrette on the sides instead of the center. I tend to hold it using my thumbs to push the ribbon to the barrette. The french barrettes are slightly curved so maybe that's part of the problem. Also from where I line clips, the glue cools quicker when it's on metal instead of fabric or ribbon so I have to move quicker when using french barrettes.
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