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Default Hot Fix Buy~ Needs help.....

The hot fix buy REALLY needs some help.... If there is not enough interest it may be cancelled or do we need to extended the dead line again? ... . I can fill some but this is way too much for me to fill...... Below is how many still needed of each color......

The buy is supposed to close tomorrow but the only thing that made it right now is the clear stone..... LMk what you guys think?

Clear- safe (met the minimum but you can still order)
Siam- needs 32 gorss
Light Siam- needs 38 gross
Orange-needs 36 gross
Light Pink- needs 31 gross
Pink- needs 19 gross
Citrine- needs 40 gross
Emerald- needs 38 gross
Montana-needs 41 gross
Peach- needs 43 gross
Capri- needs 38 gross
Peridot-needs 38 gross
Light Aqua- needs 38 gross
Aqua- needs 36 gross
Light Sapphire- needs 41 gross
Sapphire- needs 30 gross

Color charts for the hot fix buy can be found in the photo section of the groups...... They have also been attached below......I think all of them are on there.....

Siam is a darker ruby red
Light Siam is a Brighter Red
Citrine is yellow
Peridot is like lime green
Capri is a blue stone
Montana is a blue stone
Light Pink is pastel looking
Pink is a darker shade

Here is the ordering info posted last week.

As request ... Since there are so many buys closing this week in all the groups... This buy has now been EXTENDED to close on March 12th with payments due March 14th.... I would suggest putting your orders for colors you really want to see happen...otherwise they may be dropped..... .

Below is the ordering info for the buy....Just enter your order in the spreadsheet and you will receive a detailed invoice via pp when the buy closes....So that way you know exactly what you are paying for and it should help eliminate the ....What did I order?? questions later ....

If you have questions about this buy , just ask..... Once this buy is done I may open another hot fix buy for the SS20 Korean stones and some SS34 machine cut hotfix....But lets see how this ones goes first Again we have to order 50 gross per stone to get this price, but it shouldn't be too hard if 50 people order 1 of each......Anything that doesn't meet the minimums will be dropped from the buy.



If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:
http://spreadsheets viewform? formkey=dHhvQk9i U3lpcExsU1lJeEJE aXl0aHc6MA

Hot Fix Rhinestone Buy~Feb/March 2010

This buy is for SS16 Hot Fix Korean Rhinestones. One Gross=144 stones. The price INCLUDES pp and shipping from the distributor. The only addtional fee will be shipping to you. The SS 16 are approx 4mm wide. They are hot fix so they can be applied with your heat wands. I use them to accent my bows, but they can also be used to bling apparel. This buy will close March 12th payments will be due March 14th. We must order 50 gross of each color to get this price. Any that do not meet the minimums will be dropped. Once the order is placed it will take approx 2 weeks to get to me. Then it will take me about a week to get everything sorted and bagged. It's a tideous job! So the estimated shipping date to you will be April 1st. If you have questions please contact me at [email protected] com or [email protected] You don't have to be a member of any specific group to order. So please share with friends so we can meet the minimums



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