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Default Re: Reviews for anyone with a Brother Embroidery Machine?

I have both the 270D (sewing and embroidery 4x4) and the PE-770 (embroidery only and 5x7) machines. The 270 was my first machine and it works fine and is a great starter machine. The only thing I did not like about it is that it only has a 4x4 stitch field. Small thread spools fit in the cartridge, there is an attachment that fits on top of the cartridge for larger spools I did not like using either so I bought a thread stand and had no problems at all not putting my thread in the cartridge. You still need to thread through the cartridge but that is easy. With the 270 you need to get the PED Basic to transfer any designs from the internet or ones you buy to the machine. I'm not sure how much they cost now but mine was $129.00 at Walmart when I got the machine. That is an added expense as it does not come with the machine. So it might be something to think about. The used on might come with that...the new one from Walmart I would say won't. You can use all the designs that are on the machine without it but if you want any new ones you will need it. I see this is a few days old so I'm not sure if you have already decided to purchase a new machine or the used one. I hope if you purchased on you are enjoying it. Machine embroidery is so much fun. I still have my 270D and when I am really busy trying to pump out machine embroidery I have both machines going at the same time.

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