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Default Re: Target flip flops

Thanks for the heads up! I bought dd a pair of the hot pink but haven't done anything with them yet. I was actually thinking about taking the elastic off to see if I could add my own cuter kinda like a scrunchi but of course they still sit in her armoir as is for now!!

Originally Posted by babyeliza View Post
Anyone use these for embellished flip flops? I'm talking about the little 2 for $5 ones. I'm asking because I bought DD a couple of pairs and she was able to rip off the little elastic heel strap in about 5 minutes flat the first time I put them on her. There are only a couple of threads holding it on there. She actually did this to both pairs.

Just wanted to give a heads-up in case someone uses these. The quality is not great.

Of course this only applies to the itty bitty sizes that have the heel strap. Can't really comment on the larger sizes.
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