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Originally Posted by fdickeymom View Post
Well as you have heard I am new at making hairbows. I made up several and took them to work I sold 49.00 dollars worth I was so excited. The ones they are interested in were clippies with mums. I really dont know which direction to go in. When some of yall make up some how do you decide which ones and how many you make up. I always make up an extra ones for my daughter too. She has a good supply now. I just love all of them and have so much fun making them but its hard to decide. This may be a real silly question but I am sitting here wanting to make some but dont know what to make. Also any advice on how to organize you ribbon I feel like I am lacking some very important colors but I think that if I get it organized I would be able to tell which ones I need. thank you so much for your advice. frances
I am new to bow making as well and have the same questions. I read the organizing thread on this site and it gave me some good ideas. I am going to place an order from United Crafts Inc today to get my stash up in basic colors. I will build prints as I go I guess. I just wish I knew if people would buy them. I've sold a few at work and I have them in a shop but who knows. At least I have a little girl who can where what I dont sell. I feel like Im no good when I look at all the pros on here. Guess practice makes perfect
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