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Default Re: Lining clippies with double sticky tape

Okay I'm going to be really nice and share the easiest way EVER to do this...You will all love me...hahaha
Okay so cut 47" of ribbon
Line the ribbon with the tape, press it down good...
Now, flip it over, ribbon side up...
Okay on my glass cutting board I have 4.5" measured and marked so this part is easier.
Now just make cuts at 4.5" along your ribbon WITH YOUR WOODBURNER!
It shouldn't cut through the backing, just the ribbon...
Now peel your ribbon off the tape backing like a sticker, line your clips and tada!
Works great...I then clip my clippies onto either a meter stick or large popsicle sticks to help hold while the tape sets up
I LOVE this way its super fast!
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