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Default Re: Down for the count UGH

Originally Posted by ThreeBlessingsBowtique View Post
I am posting this here so that everyone might see it.

Ladies, I need some understanding with shipping. I have a kidney and bladder infection an inner ear infection and something that is like strep but not in my throat. He told me what it was but I dont remember although my gums are swollen, my throat hurts so bad I can barely swallow and even closing my mouth all the way hurts. Oh and just got a call, they might have to remove my remaining ovary as they think it might be getting a bit toxic to my system........GRRRREEEEAAAAT

I will get things done as I can but I am quite sick at the moment.

Thanks for understanding
Goodness.. you take care of yourself.. You need to rejuvinate. Those infections all together can really be nasty..I hope you like and trust your doctor.
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