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Default Re: embellishing flip flops

Okie... I made a bunch of flip flops last year for my booth.

I wrapped really cool ribbon around the thong, just embellished the middle with vintge button or embelllishment from JA.

This is what I learned. I have 4 grandaughters age 6-8. The shoes did not hold up to the test. They are pretty rough and tumble. I put hot glue on the thong part then wrapped. So this year I had an idea and used the "coolest double sided" tape that I bought off of this site on the thong part. It made wrapping so much easier and faster. I haven't tried them out on the girls yet, but I love them. I noticed at JA today you can buy the sheets of pretty decent crystals. Look up utube, there is a gal on there that makes the swvaorski crystal ones for $100.00 a pair. She does use the toxic glue, but they are beautiful.

One more thing, there are about 4 sheets of instructions for different types at hobby lobby. Have fun!
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