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Default Re: Twisted Boutiques are ruining my life :P

Originally Posted by GingerandHoney View Post
Okay, this post made me think I really need to take time to practice making these things. I haven't had time to do it a while, so I figured I'd try again today. Here is what I have so far. I would really like for the center crease to be deeper. I think the next one that I make I will make the center stitch a little longer. I did however figure out how to make it a little more perky. I pressed the inside of the loops (top & bottom) to the back more so that the center really sticks up. What do you think?

that looks perfect! I myself am having trouble with the tbb. So pretty but so hard to do, my problem is my loops never look like that, no matter what I try. :-(

My friend has several different templates and she can't get them to look like that either.

Have you seen the bows on Her bows are amazing!!!

I'm really great at pinwheel bows, korkers, etc, just can't get the tbb down.
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