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Default Re: Headbands with interchangeable bows

Originally Posted by Mama2Kailyn View Post
I have a friend who's daughter only likes headbands, so I want to make her a headband that will allow her to clip different bows and whatnot onto it. I see there are so many braided/woven styles and different sizes headbands, and different sized ribbons... can anyone break it down easily as to what I want to do for this?

I'm assuming crocheted would be easiest to just buy so you can clip them onto that headband - or the cotton ones to add a ribbon loop to... but what about the wrapped ones?
For babies, I usually add the ribbon loop to the crochet headbands. I was actually wondering about interchangeable bows on woven headbands. I would love to learn how to do that. Sorry I'm not much help
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