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Originally Posted by allstarcheergirl View Post
Yeah my self-healing mat isn't clear either, I don't think it needs to be? I have a 3"-wide clear ruler with lots of markings for every 1/4" and such. Both my mat and ruler are only about 18" long so I keep having to stop halfway and readjust the fabric to finish cutting the strip. I suppose it'd be easier if I had a bigger mat and ruler. I lay the fabric on the mat, put the ruler down at the width I need it and then use the rotary cutter to cut along the edge of the ruler. So the side of the blade kinda touches the edge of the ruler as you move along. But sometimes I need to make sure I'm holding the ruler down enough b/c if I push down too hard as I'm cutting, sometimes the ruler shifts.

My mat is clear, but thats because thats the only color they had in the size I got. Does the ruler need to be clear?
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