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Default Re: Anyone need a model???

Unfortunately I will just keep my photos to private emails now, I knew when posting them they were far from perfect or professional...and I know the lighting wasn't the best. I just got the camera for Christmas and its got a billion darn settings, I am still playing around with it (and I think I might have finally got it, now that I read the 200+ page booklet).

But to use the word Terrible, I honestly didn't think they were THAT bad. Almost makes me scared to even attempt to show photos of thing I have made I should have known better when posting in a photography section.

So anyone who is photos are NOT perfect, but I do try my best I am open to to trying out anything, I have gotten things in the past (from another board) to try, including some adorable little knitted hats (which Hailey's photos are on Etsy) and some dresses and bows. I also go every couple months to my friend who is a professional, and I take some of the cuter items with me for her to use, if I happen to use anything in the professional shoot I will also send you those
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