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Default Re: Anyone need a model???

Originally Posted by HauteTotsCouture View Post
I said THE LIGHTING was horrible. The pictures are cute! I never said anything about not liking the actual pictures.
I understand what you were trying to say, although I don't think they're that bad at all. Maybe the words "terrible/horrible" have a different meaning to you, but if someone said my work (or specifically the lighting in this case) - something that I was proud of - was terrible, I'd be completely crushed.

If you felt the need to comment, it would have been better, more gentler, to say what specifically could be improved (even though she didn't ask). Like...the pictures are a bit dark, try this... or the lighting is a bit off, try this... THAT is constructive and helpful criticism, not just hurtful words.
Bobbi W. in Canada
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