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Default Re: No Bow No Go vs. TOTT templates

Originally Posted by shelby2000 View Post
I love my NBNG templates. I started making bows in September and before I purchased my templates my bows were pretty whack. LOL! I have the 12 piece set, and I've actually used everyone of them. I use the bigger templates to make bows for decorations and for bows to put on gifts. I'm going to be getting 2 1/4" ribbon to use on the larger templates to make bows that are requested from moms who want those Cadillac sized bows for their kids. I live in the south, so the bigger the bow, the better. I get a lot of use out of all my templates. They paid for themselves with the first bow order I had, which was really encouraging and awesome. But, I would definitely say that the 9 piece set would be plenty enough. I learned to do my stacked bows and spike bows with the instructions that come with the templates. Here are a few I've made with my templates.

Wow this is very encouraging! i love your personalization. they really look great.. i cant wait to get paid so i can order these and get back on tract to making bows! now i need to save for a sowing maching! did u have to practice lots on the temps or were you able to get it pretty quick
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