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Default Re: Cheer Bow Material???

Originally Posted by allstarcheergirl View Post
Yes some very pretty spandex in cheer bows these days. Spandex is also a popular choice because it doesn't really fray when you cut it. I wish those sites would let me buy 1/2 a yard though. A yard will make a lot of bows and it's rather expensive too if you want to get more colors. Yes you fuse the fabric to your ribbon. I think most use heat n bond or heat n bond lite, works the same way as sequins. Though I wonder if fabric glue or hot glue would also work.
I am not sure that fabric or hot glue would work. I would think that you wouldn't get that smooth finish like you do with the heat n bond. I sometimes wonder about spray adhesive. However, as messy as I think it would be I don't think I will be trying it anytime soon.

I guess I'll stick with the tried and true method. LOL
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