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Default Re: Twisted Boutiques are ruining my life :P

Originally Posted by Judy74 View Post
Are you using a template? I don't remember?? If so, go up one size with that ribbon. All in all, its looking great!!! sometimes when you use a template (nbng) and the size of the template is too small for the ribbon, it looks mushed and is harder to shape. But you've definately got the shape!!!!
I do have templates and I can't make a twisted boutique with a template to save my life. It never looks right. I actually decided to go back to the very first fold I ever taught myself, the figure 8, with a wider ribbon (I tried bout 7/8" and 1.5") and by manipulating it, came up with that example, which I think is hands down better than any of the others I've managed.

I will trying increasing the length next time to see if it makes a difference. I'm petrified that my loops will droop though. I think I also figured out, and yes this will make me sound like an idiot, that when I was messing around with them before, I was looking at the wrong side of the darn bow. No wonder if never looked right. LOL.
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