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Default Re: No Slip Clips - Need Help

Originally Posted by delia View Post
THanks for the info Michelle! I lined the entire clip, but I think I will just line the underside from now on. Where do you buy velvet ribbon at a bargain?
United Beads sells 1/4 velvet for $4.50 per 25 yard spool, that's what I'm using now. Since it doesn't show, I only have white and black (and I could get away with just white but I think it looks just a little better on the dark colors). You can get 900 one inch pieces out of a spool, more if you cut just under one inch. I also use some Offray 3/16" velvet which I got by mistake (I ordered 3/8 online and got this instead - so I got a refund but figured I may as well use it since I didn't have to return it) and it works just as well as 1/4". Otherwise, I think narrow velvet is hard to find - I've bought 3/8" velvet at Wal Mart and Michael's but haven't seen 1/4" at either place and the nearest Joann's is a half hour drive, so I can't tell you what they carry.

I know the last UB group buy just closed but you may plan to buy next time. I place orders with UB regularly (I will probably have to order again in a week or so) and would be happy to order for you - pm me if interested.

Hope this helps,

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