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Default Re: No Slip Clips - Need Help

Originally Posted by bushfamily View Post
Hey MichelleB, do you know if either on of these (Velvet or no weave shelf liner) are machine washable?

I have never tried to wash either personally (my daughter isn't too hard on her clippies and I don't know what happens to the ones I sell).

The velvet is 100% nylon, which is washable, and glued on with Fabri-Tac, which I know from experience is machine washable... so I would say the combination is washable. Personally, I would hand wash myself if I had the need; I would be more concerned about a bow/embellishment being damaged in a machine than the velvet no-slip being washed off.

The shelf liner looks like it ought to be washable but I've been afraid it would disintegrate or peel off over time so I'd be less confident recommending washing that by machine or even by hand. Just my opinion, no experience to back it up.

Hope that helps

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