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Default Re: Twisted Boutiques are ruining my life :P

Originally Posted by rainstorm9 View Post
I have the templates from the gal who made the gator bite. They're good templates, don't get me wrong. They really help with the other bows. I've looked at her video too and while she seems to just pump em out mine never look like a twisted.

The one time I came out with at relatively twisted boutique was totally free hand with written instructions and I starched the living daylights out of the thing when i was done and I still don't think it looks terribly twisted.

See below.

I have the these ones too! i feel the same way. every other bow comes out but this one. i have also looked at the video and it doesnt help me out... what has helped me a little is the figure 8 fold. sometimes i have to redo over and over but this is the closest i get... i have been watching out the this forum and it seems like lots of gals on here use to omgoodness what they called nobo nogo i dnt know... those ones... hope this helps
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