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Default Re: Help me tutu makers

Originally Posted by bowsbymidge View Post
I had someone request me to make them a tutu for a photo shoot in a couple of weeks. I found the instructions bought my elastic and tulle. I finished it, but I don't like it b/c my knots are not as tight as I see and when I try to tighten them my elastic rolls up and streaches out. Please help me! What size elastic should I be using?
I've made a few and read tons of different ways to make them. The elastic that works best is the no roll elastic, and most people use 3/4." If you use just one stripe of tulle your knot it tighter, if you double or triple it up, it will be more loose and to me does not look as neat. I haven't satin or ribbon wrap any of mine, I guess the look of the know wouldn't matter if you did that because it'd be hidden. Good luck.
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