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Default Re: Reviews for anyone with a Brother Embroidery Machine?

Originally Posted by aliciaandbabies View Post
I have the SE-350. I have been using it for about a week and I really like it. It is my first embroidery machine though.
As far as the is SUPER easy. You just pop it in and choose what you want on the touch screen. From what I read the 270 D is the same on that.
The pics I saw of the 270D here show it with a spool of thread in it. It does thread differently than mine though.
Overall, for the money, I'm very satisfied with my machine. I am just using it to monogram letters on bows though.
Thanks for the input. I did some research on it and found out new it's $350 and this lady started off with $300 and then came down to $250. It was at Walmart for $350 and I have a lady friend that works there so they get 10% off so I wouldn't be too far off the original price so it's not like I'm getting a "great" deal and like the fact that I could always take it back to Walmart before my 30 days is up versus someone off of Craigslist. Thanks ladies for your two cents. I would love to get one but not be ripped off either.
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