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Default Re: How to Attach Flowers to Alligator Clips

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
1. take flower apart (plastic piece on bottom throw away or repurpose)
2. glue each layer lining up the center hole
3. for the center trim the green stem off the flower center or use a large crystal, glue

4. line clip
5. glue back of flower onto clip

For flowers I actually cover the "upside down" with the angle of the pinch part facing down so the flower lays flat on the clip.

I was wondering if maybe I could glue the flower onto a large, flat button first.. Then glue to button to the clippie. That way I could take it off sometime and put on a headband without tearing up the flower.. Do you think that would work? I like the idea of gluing on the back of the clip instead.
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