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Default Re: I've never been so excited to see something get hard!!


I use a different kind, its Crystal Clear Glaze Coat and I have bought this at either Home depot or Lowes, not sure which one, as I am in both all the time. As soon as I do about 10 caps I wait about 1 minute and go back and blow into a straw (litely) on the top to get any bubbles off. These come out like glass and are waterproof. I use round hard pizza sheets from Walmart ($3)to put them on to dry and I let mine dry for 2 days to make sure they are completely cured and have not had 1 problem yet.This is a (2 part mix). It bight cost a little more, but local and no shipping and waiting ti,e. I do about 400 a day and about 3000 in the summer, and have had no problem, also if you do have any that came out wrong from previous mixes, go over it with this and its like new again. and if you missed some bubbles after drying, DO NOT throw away go over it with the next batch and it is new again.

Just my opinion on this kind that I use. I have been using it for about 4 years.
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