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Default Re: e6000 directions?

That's what it says...but I'm impatient. I spread it on both pieces/sides (sometimes only one one piece or side) wait 1-3 minutes...depending...if I have a lot of things I'm gluing I just go down the line putting my glue on several pieces then come back and start putting them together. I usually wait 12-24 hours to let my glue dry and haven't had a problem. If you use BIG glue globs you probably have to wait longer, but I try not to use so much that it oozes everywhere...letting it set for those few minutes helps with that too as it becomes tacky and helps it stay in place. Sometimes I still feel the "need" to put some pressure on it with a clothes pin or some weight (if its a flat piece) both peices are making good contact while it's drying.

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