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Default Re: Rookie Needs a Supply List To Get Started

Here's what I'd get:

-GOOD scissors
-Fabri Tac (or what ever it's called)
-a Yard stick, and a smaller ruler
-the little mat that you can put your glue gun on (and glue doesn't stick to it - you can find it next to the glue sticks)
-single & double prong clips
-elastic thread (this is at Walmart or stores that carry fabric)
-A lighter (but since I'm not good at using lighters - I know, weird - I use a taper candle. I just light it and then heat seal)
-A woodburner (I'd wait until you know for sure that you'll need one - unless you just want to buy fun tools)

For me, when I first started playing around with bowmaking, 7/8" ribbon was the easiest for me to use, as your fingers will feel really clumsy at first. I use 1/4" ribbon for the 'centers'. I don't 'knot' them every often.

3/8" ribbon will line double prong clips perfectly, you can also use it on single prong, but there will be 'excess'. 1/4" ribbon lines the single prong perfectly, except at the part you 'push down'. You'll see a small bit of metal - but not that noticeable.

I'd just buy the CHEAPEST ribbon you can find when you first start out. I'd stick with the grosgrain as it's the easiest to handle. I know that Michael's has ribbon for $1 a spool - great for practicing!

I know a lot of what of I posted was already listed, but it was easier for me to just list my thoughts rather than try and 'edit' while I was going. LOL.

Hope you have fun! It's addictive!
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