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Default Re: No Slip Clips - Need Help

Originally Posted by MichelleB View Post
At my Wal-Mart, it's with kitchen/household goods (near paper plates & cups, and cleaning supplies - in that general area). My roll does not say anything about Latex so I can't assume it's Latex-free. Another reason I shifted to velvet is because I thought it might wear off after a while - my daughter's haven't but I sell clippies in a local boutique and I have no idea how often the buyers use/abuse the clips.

For the velvet, are you lininig the entire clip or just the underside? Sometimes I line the entire clip (I did that for holiday clippies) but I also use 1/4 velvet (so it won't show) to line just the undside of grosgrain-lined clips. When I line just the underside, it takes about 1 inch, so I don't have to buy very much and it lasts a long time.

THanks for the info Michelle! I lined the entire clip, but I think I will just line the underside from now on. Where do you buy velvet ribbon at a bargain?
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