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Default Re: I am HATING ET Lite with flattened caps...what am I doing wrong???? again...more questions/advice....

So everyone was spot on with the temperature advice. I tried it this morning, warmed up the ET Lite before mixing and the consistency was different, better. My impatience got the best of me though. I watched for about 30 mins removing bubbles using my lighter. THEN...and this is where I think I went wrong...I put them in my warmed oven. I had it on 140 degrees while I was popping bubbles, then turned it off and set them in there for about 45 mins. When I pulled them out, they were clear as glass EXCEPT for a few random bubbles!!!! I WANT TO SCREAM.....

So, did I put them in the oven too soon? Should I have watched them longer waiting for the bubbles to appear? I was so worried about the temp issue, that I was anxious to get them into the warm area. UGH...someone PLEASE help me.....
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