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Default Re: Twisted Boutiques are ruining my life :P

That's a really pretty bow and I can see that my bow is NO way near a TTB since my loops go down like gcpom02 mentioned to me and I didn't even notice until she did . When I grow up I want to make bows like that one . Now back to seeing if I can keep my pin sraight through the ribbon and not going off to one side and my ribbon lined up and my x where it should be in the front and the back straight as an <---> And more importantly not turning things around


Originally Posted by rainstorm9 View Post
It is 5/8's. I'm not terribly comfortable using the larger ribbons in my bows. :/ I'm 3/8's expert. But no matter how I angled the loops it just never looked right. It doesn't bend like those pretty ones do. For example

I mean there are some severe twists in there and look at the ends how they curve up like that! I want mine to look like THAT! This gal is uber talented!!!
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