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Default Talk me through online postage...


I am curious about how to go about online postage- printing labels for shipping packages.

I know I need a postage scale and I plan to get one. Beyond that, can someone walk me through what supplies and how to actually print the labels?

Do you have to buy special printer paper/labels? Do you only print 1 per sheet (seems like maybe a waste of paper)?

Do you print and then still have to go to the P.O to actually mail your package or will your postman/woman pick it up for you?

I want to do this, but am not very tech savvy and for some reason it intimidates me. I also don't want to invest alot of $ in expensive label paper. It is very easy for me to stop at the P.O as it is very local, but it's frustrating to always guess postage so I figure if I am getting a scale I might as well print my own labels.

I would also like to be able to use my paypal funds to purchase postage. I feel like I am putting alot of extra money out for postage right now, but I know it doesn't have to be that way. I'd rather do it through paypal but have no idea how to start.

Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me!

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