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Default Re: Twisted Boutiques are ruining my life :P

It is all about the angle of the front. It needs to be an X and the back needs to stay <---> . So when you're shaping the front, clip the back two pieces of ribbon with some extra alligator clips to keep them from making the x shape. Also, stitching is VERY important.

You need to have 3 or 4 stitches going down the ribbon. Start from the very bottom of the bow from the back side. end at the top with the needle finishing through the back. Here is what I mean when I say three stitches.
start at the bottom from the back so it goes:
up, down
up, down
up, down
with the needle/thread.

Hold the bow in one hand and pull up on the thread. it will crease perfectly. You use 4 stitches when you are using larger ribbon (1.5" and 2.25").
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