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Default Re: Skinny headbands

Originally Posted by sweetapplekid View Post
What type of elastic is it that dyes the best (i.e. the percentage of elastic/acetate, etc.)? I am in Canada and will have to find elastic at the fabric store here and I am sure that the brand names will be different. Thanks!
I'll have to check when I get home tonight. I believe the Dritz said 55% polyester and I think the rest was rubber. I looked online and I think the stretch rite is 70% polyester and 30% rubber. That's why I thought the Dritz would dye better because the polyester doesn't take as well as cotton, etc. or will dye a lot lighter, but I didn't have any problems with the stretch rite in that pink-I can try to post a picture of the difference-the dritz is such a pale pink it almost looks white and the stretch rite is like a bright french pink color
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